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5 Steps to Get Your Snow Blower Ready For Winter

26 September 2023

Monnick Supply - Ariens Compact 24 Snow Blower

If you are like most of us, you parked that snowblower after the last storm and forgot it existed. And if you don’t remember the last time you had it serviced, chances are you are due. Here are 5 quick steps to make sure when those flakes start to stick, you are ready to go out and move snow.

Check the Oil!

What happens most of the time with snow equipment is it gets used when its needed, then forgotten. That last heavy snow in spring, it gets parked in the garage for “next time” and next time never comes. The mower gets pulled out and that’s the end of it. But just like a car, snow blowers require a basic oil change every few seasons to make sure the engines stay lubricated. Good news here – oil changes are easy on these units. Unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of the engine, and drain the oil into a small catch pan. Then, replace the drain plug (make sure to do this before refilling – ask me how I know) and fill with fresh fluid to the manufacturer’s spec.

Fresh Fuel

The other major fluid is fuel. Hopefully you have an empty fuel system from last year, or you treated your gas at minimum before storage. That means this is as simple as topping off with fresh fuel (minimal ethanol content always preferred) and you should be solid. If your fuel system is a little gummed up from last season, sometimes a system cleaner can help, or you may need to remove and clean or replace your carburetor. Either way, fresh fuel goes a long way to getting your unit ready for the year and keeping it lasting for years to come.

Spark Plugs – Light it up!

Fuel is important, but doesn’t do much good without a fresh spark plug. The plug is what ignites the fuel to make the power, and after a couple years of use, they become less efficient. In short, less power, less fuel efficiency, and less ability to chuck the white stuff out of the way. Spark plugs are easy to change too, if you can turn a handle, you got this! Pull the wire off the old plug (pull firmly but don’t yank) and it pops right off. Then, unscrew the old plug with a socket wrench and pull it out. Be gentle putting in the new one, it should turn easily the first few full spins. Then use the wrench to just snug it down – not too tight, just snug. Pop the wire back on and make sure it's snug, and you are done!

Belts – Not just to hold up pants

Most Ariens Sno-Thros have a dual belt drive system which means more power and less wear. If you are into belts, it’s pretty exciting actually. But eventually less wear is still wear and they need replacement. Just pull off the belt system cover and check for any cracks or frays. If you see some, put on some fresh ones.

Skid shoes

These are designed to not only hold your snowblower housing at the right height, but they also protect your pavement. They are designed to wear down with use, which means they generally need a seasonal adjustment to keep you at that perfect height. Wore down too far? They are reversible so just rotate 180 degrees and go! Or grab a fresh set. We even have a poly set for low abrasion on those delicate surfaces like pavers. This is also a good time to check and adjust (or replace) your scraper bar at the bottom of the housing.

The great thing about owning an Ariens is they are built to last for decades. These 5 simple steps you can do at home are all it really takes to make sure that when the snow flies, you are ready to go. Not much of a Do-It-Yourself person? No issue, Monnick Supply can handle it all for you and get your machine ready to rock too.



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