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Power Tools for Every DIY

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 23, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAIf you are a DIY kind of person, then the end of winter is probably one of your most favorite times of year. There are plenty of outdoor projects to do in the spring, and there are plenty of indoor projects you can utilize the garage or shed for. If the coming spring has you wanting to purchase some new power tools, we have some ideas as to some power tools that every DIY should own.

Power Hand Plane

This tool is used for shaping wood, removing thin layers of wood, and moothing and straightening edges.

Small angle grinder

Use a small angle grinder for removing paint and rust. This tool can also for sharpening and cutting tiles.

Table saw

A table saw is good for any general repairs that you may need doing.

Orbital palm sander

Perfect for small jobs and can be used on furniture, ceilings, walls, floors and any kind of woodwork.

Reciprocating saw

This tool is generally used for remodeling and demolition work. The reciprocating saw is can cut through leather, green, rubber, metal, linoleum and plastic.

Compound miter saw

This saw is also known as a chop saw and is used to get precisely cut angles.

Circular saw

Great for cutting across and along the grain. They are usually used for cutting wood, but you an also get blades for cutting masonry, plastic and metal.

Cordless drill

You will use this all the time, it is a must have. A cordless drill is essential for any DIY project.

For all of your new power tool needs, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Good Plants to Start Indoors in February

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 16, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAStart warm weather plants in February.

Jump start the gardening season with a selection of plant seeds you start indoors in February. Seed packets provide information about planting times, sowing depth and the days to harvest. The information is a guideline for the home gardener who wants to save money on seedlings, wants particular varieties, or grow their own plants. As a general rule, start the seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the outdoor planting season begins. Start the seeds earlier to produce a more mature plant for transplanting.


Warm weather vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, need a long growing period. Start the seeds indoors in February and grow them for 6 to 8 weeks. Once the seedlings reach about 8 inches high, harden them off for a week or two before transplanting into the garden. Other vegetables to start in February include lettuce varieties, chard and eggplant. February is a good time to start cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage. Start summer squash when you start the pepper and tomato plants. Plant cucumber seeds during the last week in February.


Start watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew by planting seeds indoors, because of the long growing season required by melons. Pumpkins require a long growing season as well and should be started in February. Strawberry seeds need about 6 weeks of cold before planting in February. Once the seedlings have three leaves, the plants need hardening off and moved into their permanent growing site in the garden.


Start basil, oregano, parsley and dill indoors in February. Other herbs that do well when started indoors include mints, thyme and sage. The seedlings transplant well into containers that sit on the porch or patio. You can also transplant the herbs directly into the garden. Basil and parsley suffer in cold weather and do not survive temperatures below freezing. Many other herbs grow as perennials in cold and warm weather climates.


A packet of seeds costs considerably less than a flat of flowers at the greenhouse. Start heliotrope, violas and snapdragons indoors this month. Other flowers you may want to grow from seed right now include delphinium, candytuft and impatiens. The seedlings need gradual exposure to the outdoor temperatures for a week or two before planting directly into the flower beds.

For more information on starting seeds in February, contact Monnick Supply.

SF Gate

February, The Perfect Time for Interior Painting with Benjamin Moore

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Aura Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore utilizes our own Proprietary Color Lock technology for richer colors that stay true over time. Aura Interior provides outstanding durability, stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off and offers extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats – saving you time and money. Formulated as a paint and primer together, Aura Interior resists mildew and has zero VOC* and low odor.

If a paint can do all that, is it still paint?

Learn more about the Benjamin Moore difference, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.


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