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Dog Days of Summer Lawn Care

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MA

When it comes to mushrooms in the soil, there are billions of micro-organisms which are constantly working, eating and decomposing organic matter in the soil. Fungal fruiting structures release tiny spores that are easily carried in the air to new sites. These spores find a home on organic materials such as a piece of rotting wood and start to grow, some develop sufficient mushrooms that grow and appear in your lawn. These fungi can live in your soil for years and when conditions are right, they prosper, such as after periods of prolonged wet weather. Mushrooms are usually found in areas of poor water drainage.

New sod lawn installations and newly reseeded lawns require frequent irrigation and this sometimes promotes the growth of mushrooms. The mushrooms do not harm the lawn and will disappear as the volume of water is reduced.

Removing mushrooms from the top of your lawn will not kill the underground mycelia from which they are growing, so they may return. To manage mushrooms, aeration is necessary to break up the existing dense fungal mat of mycelia. Remove cores at least ¼" to 1 inch in diameter deeper than the fungal mat penetrates the soil. Determine the depth of this mat with a trowel or shovel. You may have to aerate these areas more than once each year to keep ahead of the regrowing mushrooms. This aeration breaks up the fungal mat but also improves water and air penetration into the soil creating a better lawn growing environment. If the fungal mat is more than 3" deep, a shovel or auger may be used to penetrate deeper into the ground. If the mushroom infestation is extreme and you want to completely eradicate mushrooms, you may need to remove the soil to a depth of 12" to 18". Refill the trench with fresh soil and reseed the area. Be careful not to infest any surrounding areas with the contaminated soil! You also may apply lawn fertilizer to help the grass to grow and thrive; this fertilization hastens the breakdown of organic matter.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs will return with the dry weather and if the temperatures stays in the 90's. Damage frequently appears from early July through late August when the insects are actively feeding. Chinch bug nymphs and adults cause significant feeding damage by removing plant fluids and by injecting a toxin that causes the grass to yellow, then turn reddish brown, and eventually die.

Chinch bugs can be repelled by the use of endophyte enhanced-turf grasses such as the Black Beauty grass seed mixtures.

Apply Grub and Insect Control and water it in if you have Chinch bugs. If you have a history of chinch bugs, you may need to reapply in 25-28 days to prevent a second or even third generation of chinch bugs damaging the lawn later in the year.

For more information on summer lawn care, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

Jonathan Green

Painting Interiors? Gray is Red Hot

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Monnick Supply - Benjamin Moore's Perfect Gray Shades -  Marlborough, Framingham, MA

When it comes to painting rooms, gray is red-hot. Benjamin Moore carries over 150 shades of gray, of their top 50 colors for interiors, 30 are grays.

The trend toward gray started in Scandinavia, became big in the U.S. around six years ago, and is still on the rise.

Andrea Magno of Benjamin Moore says, "Gray is not going anywhere, and is still growing in popularity. It updates things instantly, and it's evolving over time. And we're seeing more gray cabinetry and more trim in gray now."

Just 15 years ago, if you told someone you were going to paint your room gray, they would groan and say, 'How depressing.' Before about 2010, it was all about warm Tuscan colors. Since then, it's really about cool modern grays, and not just for paint colors. Stone, marble, tile and wood have also gone a lot cooler.

But picking the correct shade of gray can be tricky.

It's crucial to pay attention to the undertones, and also how the light reacts to it. Gray is a very sneaky color.

Grays have undertones of blue, purple or green, and you'll want to make sure the undertones are compatible with surrounding tile, furnishings and fabrics, designers say.

For a real "smack-in-the-middle gray," Benjamin Moore suggests Repose Gray.

Repose Gray goes great with pink and creates a neutral background. Amazing Gray has a greener undertone, while Passive is cooler with more blue.

In addition to undertones, there's a big difference between cool and warm grays, with the former better suited to modern interiors and the latter often better for traditional homes with warmer-colored furnishings.

Some best advice is to select your three favorite grays, paint a poster board with each one, and look at them in your home over a weekend, tallying up which one you like best at various times of the day and night. If you plunge in before doing that, you may regret it.

You might love a picture you saw in a magazine, but it's important to remember that the very same shade of gray might look entirely different in your own home.

While undertones are hard to spot in a paint chip, they become more obvious on a larger surface like a poster board placed prominently in the room you are planning to paint.

Some of Benjamin Moore's more popular grays are Gray Owl, Balboa Mist, Coventry Gray, Stonington Gray, Revere Pewter and Thunder.

Revere Pewter has a gray cast "but it's warm and very livable". For cabinetry, it's Kendall Charcoal.

What about trims? Although grays are generally used with lighter grays, whites and off-whites, the latest trend is toward trim in the same or even a darker shade of gray.

Gray with gray trim is also becoming a trend.

White still feels safer to some people, but it's easy to overlook how harsh white can feel. Give gray a chance. If you're nervous starting out, choose a shade with blue undertones.

For help choosing interior paint color, see the paint specialists at Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Husqvarna Ride-On Mowers for Performance and Quality

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Monnick Supply - Husqvarna YTH22V46 – 46” Lawn Tractor

Husqvarna's ride-on lawn mowers offer premium performance with quality results. Their compact size makes them easy to maneuver and require less space for storage.

Features such as fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these riding lawn mowers simple and comfortable to operate.

All tractors feature hydrostatic transmissions for smooth, variable forward and reverse speed. Air Induction mowing technology improves airflow within the deck, ensuring a clean, consistent cut every time. For added versatility, all models can be equipped with a range of towable accessories and mulch kit for effective lawn fertilization.


Briggs & Stratton Intek Single Cylinder -
Designed from the ground up as a best-in-class engine, combining power, performance, features and durability.

Hydrostatic transmission -
Easy speed and direction control with a fender mounted lever.

Cruise control -
Allows the tractor to maintain consistent speed, even in rough terrain.

Step-through -
Ensures comfortable and easy mounting and dismounting.

For more information on Husqvarna ride-on mowers or yard tractors, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Useful Outdoor Tools Homeowners Should Have

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAWhen it comes to outdoor maintenance, homeowners have two options: do it yourself; or pay someone to do it for you. If you like to do it on you own, you’ll need to gather some tools to maintain your yard. Here’s a list of the most useful outdoor tools that homeowners should have.

A good pair of gloves. No matter what chore you’re doing, your hands will thank you for a good pair of gloves. A few tips: leather doesn’t breathe; try to find gloves that fit tight; gripping material is always appreciated.

Hedge trimmer. Buy this only if you have hedges. If you’re a new homeowner and assembling your toolkit, consider investing in a cordless model. Many brands have full lines of tools that have interchangeable batteries. Sort of a one-battery-to-rule-them-all situation.

Leaf rake. This isn’t only for homes with trees. Your rake will be handy to clean up grass clippings and for spring/fall lawn rakings.

Garden hose & sprinkler. For those dry summer days. A word of warning – your grass will die if you let it go without water for too long. You should absolutely conserve water, but won’t it take more water to establish a new lawn if yours goes kaput?

Garden rake. This is a great multipurpose tool to have. It’s good for spreading material, weeding, and tamping down soil. Pro tip: always lay it prongs down. Leaf blower/mulcher. A lot of these tools come as a combo. The leaf blower function is great for cleaning up debris, clearing leaves from large areas and cleaning up after mowing. The mulcher function significantly reduces the number of bags you’ll need for your leaves.

Pressure washer. An invaluable tool for cleaning your walkways, patio furniture, and maintaining a deck. You’ll need to choose between gas and electric models. Gas models will be FAR more powerful (be careful not to use too much power), but require more maintenance. Electric models should provide adequate power for light to medium duties.

Shovels. There are many types of shovel, so be sure to think about how you’ll use it the most. There are rounded digging shovels, scoop shovels, flat shovels (for edging or transferring) and more.

Loppers. The go-to tool for pruning trees and other shrubbery up to about an inch wide (some will cut thicker branches). If you need to cut thicker branches, consider purchasing a reciprocating saw as a safer alternative to a chainsaw.

Extension cord. This will be especially useful if you have electric yard tools. Be sure the cord and length you choose is heavy duty enough to handle the equipment you’re running. Check out this guide for details.

Wheelbarrow. Great for hauling piles of leaves, bulk mulch orders or landscaping stones. Plus, it makes everything that much easier on your back.

Lawn Mower. There are zero-turn, professional grade riding lawnmowers and your standard push mowers.

Weed whacker. Before you buy, you’ll have to ask yourself: gas or electric? Gas models will be more expensive and need more maintenance. But, you do get much more power and more portability. Electric will come at a much lower initial and ongoing cost, but you’ll be limited to lighter duty and the length of your extension cord. Don’t think about it too hard – there’s no right or wrong answer.

Snow blower or shovel. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of snow, this is something you can’t overlook. If you have a snow blower, be sure to get it serviced in September or October so you can be ready for the first big snow of the year.

For more information, contact Monnick Supply in Framingham and Marlborough, MA.

Plymouth Rock

10 Essential Tools for Homeowners

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 02, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAIf you’re a homeowner or even just a DIY renter, you’ll need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves to tackle projects around the house.

Get ready by assembling a toolbox filled with the most essential tools to get simple jobs done. Here are the most frequently recommended beginner tools from homeowners. Keep in mind, this isn’t a comprehensive list and make sure to always put safety first.

Pliers/Needle Nose Pliers

Get a grip with a good pair of pliers. If you need bend wire, pull carpet staples or tightly grasp anything else, this will be your go-to tool. If you plan to use them for long periods, look for some with rubber-coated handles.

Tape Measure

Measure twice, drill/cut/nail once. If you’re fractionally challenged, look for models that have fractions printed right on the tape.


Hang pictures and shelves straight as an arrow with this tool. You’ll have a couple of options: the classic bubble level or a laser level. Bubble levels will likely be the less expensive option, but laser levels will give you far greater range.


Can you image a toolbox without a hammer? Hanging pictures, taking doors off their hinges, pounding in finishing nails and securing paint can lids are just a few of the many, many tasks for which you’ll use your hammer. You’ll see several different types of hammers at the hardware store; go with a classic claw hammer.

Screw Driver Set

Just like your hammer, a screw driver set is absolutely essential. Look for a set that includes both flathead and Phillips head drivers.

Adjustable Wrench

A versatile tool that’s helpful if you’re trying to loosen a garden hose from the spigot or shut off utilities, like gas.

Stud Finder

If you’re hanging a heavy object on a wall, you’ll need to secure it to something. Unless you still have those X-ray specs from your childhood, a stud finder is your best option. You’ll typically be using this along with your hammer and level.

Putty Knife

A must if you’re filling old picture holes and wall dings with spackle. It’s also an excellent tool for removing wallpaper.


Pick up either a cordless or corded one. If you don’t plan on using your drill often, go for a corded model and a nice extension cord.

Allen Wrench Set

If you’ve ever put together (Swedish) furniture, you’re familiar with these tools, which are also called Allen keys or hex keys. Look for a set that has a few various sizes that are bound together like a pocket knife so you don’t lose them.

That’s our list of basic tools. But, let’s hear from you: what other basic tools to you find most useful around the house? Let us know in the comments.

Looking for tools for your home? Contact Monnick Supply in Framingham and Marlborough, MA.

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