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How to Kill Moss in Your Lawn

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Monnick Supply - Marlborough, Framingham, MA - Scotts Moss EX

It looks nice and green, but it could be smothering your grass. Learn how to prevent and control moss.

At first, you might not see it. After all, it’s green. But when you look more closely, perhaps you notice that the shady part of your lawn has turned into fuzz. Moss may look nice on rocks and trees, but in lawns it means trouble. Controlling moss in the lawn starts with understanding why you have moss growing in the first place.

What Is Moss?

Moss is a shallow-rooted plant that spreads by spores and root-like structures called rhizoids. It loves to grow during the gray, wet days of late fall and early spring. Moss won’t overtake or kill your lawn, but instead will fill in the spaces where the lawn is thin. If your lawn is struggling and you have moss filling in the gaps, it’s a good indication that you have a deeper problem, such as compacted soil, poor drainage, low soil pH, or not enough sunlight.

How to Control Moss

Iron-based moss control products, such as Scotts® MossEX™ or Scotts® Turf Builder® with Moss Control which also feeds the lawn, are very effective at controlling moss. As with most moss controls, these products are most effective when applied while moss is actively growing, which is usually during the cool, wet spring and fall. Before applying, mow the area short and remove the clippings to expose the moss. Shortly after treatment, the moss will turn black and die.

How to Prevent Moss from Returning

Controlling moss requires more than just killing off the existing moss in the lawn. The best way to prevent moss from returning is to correct the underlying reason the moss began growing in the first place.

If areas of the lawn are receiving less than 3 hours of sunlight per day, trim tree branches to allow more sunlight to reach the lawn. For areas of the lawn that only receive 6 to 8 hours of filtered sunlight or 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight, plant a shade-tolerant grass.

Good lawn practices will help your lawn grow thick and keep moss at bay. Feed regularly and mow at the highest recommended height for your grass type to encourage deep rooting.

Moss grows better than grass in wet, poorly drained soils. Aerate compacted soils and incorporate rich, composted material, like Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Soil™, to help improve drainage. Only water the lawn when necessary — just one inch of water per week is all most lawns need.

How to Control Moss on Hard Surfaces

Moss will also grow on hard surfaces, especially in shady, damp areas of the yard. While they won’t damage the surface they’re growing on, they can make patios, steps, porches, and sidewalks slippery. Apply a product that is safe for use on hard surfaces, like Scotts® MossEX™ 3-in-1 Ready-Spray®, which kills moss, algae, and lichens without staining.

For more information, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.


Weber Gas Gills so Eating at Home Can be Fun!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 18, 2020
WEBER Gas Grills

Add flavor to the menu and spark to your backyard family-time. A Weber gas grill is ideal for entertaining a small crowd or a perfect solution to any family meal. Place serving trays and spices on the side tables so that everything you need is where you are, when you need it.




The perfect size to grill up a couple of burgers for everyone in the family, or switch it up with chicken and steaks. With side tables for placing serving trays and spices, the Spirit adds convenience and simplicity to everyday life, and nobody left hungry.

Now on sale at Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

How to Grow Grass Fast

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MA

These 5 tips will help speed up the lawn growing process.

Want to grow a lawn without having to wait forever for it to fill in? If you’re hoping to grow grass fast, don’t be intimidated or confused—we’re here to help! While you might not think that you can grow grass fast by using grass seed, you absolutely can if you know what you’re doing and use the right products. Just follow these 5 basic steps and you’ll be on the fast track to growing a beautiful lawn.

1. Choose the Right Seed

Not all grass seed is created equal. We bet you already know this from looking at all the different types of grass seed out there. In most cases, when shopping for grass seed you’ll be choosing between two types of grass—cool season or warm season grass—depending on where you live. Cool season grasses grow best where there are large temperature swings during the year, this means in the Northeast. Warm season grasses thrive in warm weather where there’s less of a temperature difference.

Once you’ve figured out which grass is recommended for your area, it’s time to choose your grass seed. The Scotts® Turf Builder® line of grass seeds offers premium grass seed for most popular lawn types. Each Scotts seed is wrapped in a unique coating that absorbs twice as much water as uncoated seed, fertilizes to jumpstart growth, and helps protect against disease. The result? Grass will grow thicker, greener, and more quickly.

2. Prep the Soil

We know it’s exciting to get out there and sow grass seed, but there are a few important things to do first:

  • Start by removing any existing grass, weeds, and large rocks from the area you’re planning to plant.
  • Fill in low spots with soil and if your existing soil is really compacted, consider renting a tiller and loosening everything up.
  • Finish by using a hard rake to even everything out—then give yourself a huge pat on the back, because soil prep requires the most elbow grease!

3. Seed and Feed

One of the most effective ways to get your grass to grow fast is to fertilize right after you plant. For use on all grass types, reach for Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass, which helps grass grow up to 70 percent thicker and 35 percent more quickly (vs. unfed). If you’ve opted to skip the seeding and lay sod or plant grass plugs instead, use Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food For New Grass Plus Weed Preventer right after planting to prevent weeds from establishing themselves.

To apply both seed and feed easily and efficiently, you’ll want to use a spreader. If you’ve got a small lawn, use a Hand-Powered Spreader, which covers up to 1,500 square feet smoothly and evenly.

As with any product, be sure to read the package directions carefully. This is no time to guess or eyeball, and more definitely does not mean better! Package directions will tell you how much product to use, how to spread it, and when to spread it so that you can grow grass fast and get the best results.

4. Water and Protect the Grass

It's critically important to keep your seeded area watered, but you want to do it incrementally as the grass develops. Use a “mist – lightly water – deeply water” process like this:

  • After seeding and fertilizing, you’ll want to keep the top inch of soil moist until the seeds start to germinate (aka sprout). This means misting the area once a day, maybe twice if it’s unusually hot out there—but don’t let the area get soggy.
  • After seeds begin to germinate, you’ll need to keep the top 2 inches of soil moist with light watering until the grass is about 3 inches tall.
  • At this point, your grass is developing its root structure, so you want to begin watering deeply so that moisture reaches down through the top 6 to 8 inches of soil.
  • As you’re watering and the grass is growing, you’ll want to keep foot traffic and pet action to an absolute minimum (avoid rousing games of fetch and tag, for example). Plan to keep people and pets off the grass for at least a month, during which time your other yard spaces or nearby parks will become your best friends.

5. Mow the Right Way

When that new grass is 3 inches tall, you can start mowing, but remember to adjust your mower to a high setting and never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blades. If you mow too low, you’ll be inviting weeds in—and we’re guessing that’s not part of your lush lawn vision.

Seems pretty simple, right? That’s because it is! If you follow these five steps, it won’t be long before your yard is transformed into a lush oasis of green.

For more information, contact Monnick Supply in Framingham and Marlborough, MA.

Weber Gas Grills for the Precision of Grilling

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 05, 2020
WEBER Gas Grills

Every day is the perfect day to barbecue. The ease and convenience of outdoor gas grilling is the perfect excuse to call your friends and grill out any night of the week.

Step up your grilling game with the Spirit II E-310 gas grill. This three burner Weber gas grill has a spacious grilling area and convenient side tables for placing serving trays, and tool hooks for hanging your tongs and spatula. With the powerful GS4 grilling system and iGrill capability, you're already set up for BBQ success.

The perfect size to grill up a couple of burgers for everyone in the family, or switch it up with chicken and steaks. With side tables for placing serving trays and spices, the Spirit II adds convenience and simplicity to everyday life, and nobody left hungry.

This Weber Gas Grill is on sale this month at Monnick Supply in Framingham and Marlborough, MA. Contact us


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