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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

4 March 2024

Monnick Supply - Paint

A fresh coat of paint for your home’s exterior is about more than just enhancing its curb appeal. It also protects it from rot and damage from constant exposure to weather, dirt and pests.

While shielding your home from the elements seems like a no-brainer, choosing an exterior paint color might be anything but. You could start the thought process by visiting the paint store and perusing some brochures or paint samples.

Perhaps you’ll drive or walk around your neighborhood for some inspiration. You could also look to social media for chatter about various picks for “colors of the year.” Case in point: Online landscape design company Yardzen named Benjamin Moore’s Slate Blue – a soothing blue-green shade with a hint of gray – as its top exterior paint color of 2023.

But if you’re painting your home with the intention of selling in the near future, you’ll want to know what buyers are gravitating toward. A survey with more than 1,400 respondents found out that the most popular colors for 2023 were:

  • Off-white/cream (20%).
  • White (14%).
  • Light gray (12%).
  • Light brown (11%).
  • Medium blue (9%).

While the majority of respondents appear to prefer classic neutral palettes for their homes, it bears noting that a combined 5% of respondents prefer dark browns, blues, and grays – evidence of the growing trend of dramatic, dusky colors for exteriors.

Choosing colors can be subjective, but it is our favorite part of the process. The first step is to get a sense of the personal style and taste of each customer.

One of the biggest trends lately in exterior paint colors has been a modern farmhouse look, which is described as white exteriors with black and metal accents. But moodier shades are also on the rise. We are starting to see a trend of darker colors such as black or very dark grays as a new age of modern design.

For some homeowners, the thrill of the hunt is in looking at paint samples and computerized renderings of what their homes will look like in certain colors. But even with the seemingly countless color choices, homeowners may want to consider further customization.

The appeal of the exterior color to buyers later on will be very important. I suggest they let their creative juices flow with landscaping and whatever they choose to do on the inside but keep the outside aesthetically pleasing. How Long Does an Exterior Paint Job Last?

Painting the exterior of your home is a daunting task, whether you’re juggling estimates from various pro painters or taking on the work yourself. And let’s not forget the mental energy needed to choose between seemingly identical shades of white.

At any rate, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that your house’s fresh coat of paint is good for a while – anywhere between five and 10 years. But you do have to keep certain things in mind if you want to see the higher end of that spectrum.

When choosing an exterior color, remember that the darker the color, the more heat the home absorbs, so be sure to consider your climate.

Aside from heat absorption, the sun’s rays can also fade exterior paint more rapidly, though Kulikowski says there are paints designed to withstand extreme cold or hot temperatures.

You’ll also want to take measures to preserve the look of lighter paints. If you are using a color in a white tone, use a water-based paint to drastically reduce the yellowing process that oil-based paints are sure to produce. Regardless of the color, a mildewcide additive to the paint is also recommended to reduce the growth of fungi and mildew.

For help choosing exterior paint colors, contact Monnick Supply.

Source: US News


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