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Sidewalk Sale at Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sidewalk Sale at Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham. All day Saturday, August Saturday, August 19th.

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MA

Summer Lawn Care: Love Your Yard, Love Your Soil

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 27, 2017

Monnick Supply, Framingham, Marlborough, MADo you want a great lawn? Now is the time to fertilize your soil for a great lawn this season and next year. All natural and organic, Love Your Soil stimulates soil microbes and creates a biologically healthy soil. This soil food helps to loosen heavy, hard packed soils, and releases trapped nutrients. You can grow better turf by creating better soil!

What does Jonathan Green Love-Your-Soil do for your yard?

  • Helps loosen soil for deeper root growth
  • Revitalizes soil By improving air & water flow
  • Stimulates soil microbes creating a biologically healthy soil
  • Makes top soil out of subsoil

Use on existing lawns, when seeding to enhance grass root mass development, and on cool and warm season grasses. Your lawn soil will become more alive and porous allowing water, air and grass roots to enter the soil more easily. Love Your Soil also increases the grasses’ resistance to drought and heat stress, and helps to kick-start your lawn in the spring.

Environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and pets. It is a homogeneous formula that applies easily with any spreader. Contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron and molasses.

For best results, apply to a dry lawn before a rain or water in after application. For very hard soil, repeat applications twice per year may be necessary. You may seed with this product.

This product is available in the following bag sizes:

  • 3.6 lb. (1000 sq. ft.)
  • 18 lb. (5000 sq. ft.)
  • 54 lb. (15000 sq. ft.)

Right now, get 20% off on Love Your Soil and all other Jonathan Green lawn care products. For more information, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

Pool Water Testing for Beginners

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAWe have all heard of “testing the waters” but when comes to swimming pool maintenance, water testing is the best route to an easy to maintain pool.

You have to do more than touch the water to test anything more than the temperature. Test kits, strips and readers can be used to check pool water balance levels. You can also bring a water sample to Monnick Supply in Marlborough or Framingham and we can test your pool water for you and tell you exactly what you need. Did you go on vacation and come home to a green pool? We can help you figure out what products you need AND how much you need for your particular pool size.

A swimming pool is just a hole in the ground without water, and swimming is no fun if not experienced in clean, clear and healthy water.

Since swimming pools are generally used by multiple people at any given time, it is imperative that pool water is tested and treated regularly to prevent the spread of infectious illness and enhance the pool experience.

In order to have a sparkling clean and well-balanced pool, you have to ensure that the levels of pool chemicals stay within the ideal range of:

  • pH: 7.2 - 7.8
  • Chlorine: 1.0 - 2.0 ppm
  • Total Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 200 - 400 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 20 - 50 ppm
  • Total Dissolved Solids: below 5000 ppm

Testing your pool water and maintaining perfect chemical harmony is not rocket science but it definitely involves regularity and consistency on your part. It is recommended to test pool water weekly and add chemicals if you see an increase/decrease in ideal chemical levels. There are several types of testing supplies and pool chemicals available on the market varying in price and accuracy.

For more information on pool water testing, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough or Framingham.

The Best Paint

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 13, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MALast month the J.D. Power 2016 Paint Satisfaction Survey results came out, with Benjamin Moore winning top marks. For interior paint and exterior stain, Benjamin Moore ranked highest in customer satisfaction.

The paint and stain market is huge. When evaluating interior paint, exterior paint and exterior stains, J.D. Power looked at application; design guides; durability; price; product offerings; and warranty/guarantee.

“Paint and stain is one of the very few product categories that has not transitioned to an Internet-based sales model, making the retailer and customer-facing store staff a crucial component to the overall customer experience,” says Greg Truex, senior director of the at-home practice at J.D. Power. “Not only do the store sales staff and level of service they provide play an important role in the paint brand selected by customers, but they also strengthen the relationship between the brand and retailer to help draw customers into the store.”

For interior paints, Benjamin Moore came in first and scored 836 points in customer satisfaction.

For exterior paints, Benjamin Moore came in third place with 816 points.

For exterior stains, Benjamin Moore scored 814 points in customer satisfaction and came in first place.

For more information on Benhamin Moore Paints, or for a paint store that can truly help you choose the right paint for the application, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

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The Importance of Balanced Pool Water

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAOne of the most important steps of swimming pool maintenance is water balance. Generally, understanding water balance can also be one of the most confusing processes of pool maintenance. Because of its complexity, some new pool owners may not know everything they have to do to keep their pool water safe, comfortable and corrosion free.

Why is Pool Water Balance Important?


If you are using either a salt based pool producing chlorine or a chlorine based tablet pool, then your pH needs to be correct. If pool water is not balanced correctly then the chlorine sanitizer won't be working at full strength killing germs and bacteria.


Your water balance needs to be correct or it will affect your skin and eyes. The pH should be neither too acidic nor basic in order to feel comfortable.


An imbalanced pool can be corrosive to the liner, ladders and hand rail and other equipment such as the pump.

What is entailed in Water Balance?

Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity refers to how much alkaline is in the water. TA and pH go hand-in-hand. High alkaline water leads to high pH. Low alkaline water leads to low pH. The average swimming pool should have an alkalinity reading of 100 ppm.

Swimming Pool Water pH Levels

Keeping your pH levels within the proper range is important for keeping your equipment and pool finish intact. pH refers to the acidity or baseness of your pool water. A proper pH level is around 7.4 to 7.6 on a pH test kit's numeric scale. 0 to 7 reflects a low or acidic pH. 8 to 14 means the pool has a base pH level. Your chlorine will dissolve quicker with a low pH level. High pH levels make chlorine inactive.

Calcium Hardness

The right amount of calcium in your pool is essential. If there is too little, your plaster can erode. Too much calcium can make your water could become cloudy, scale could form and stains might start. 200 to 400 ppm is the general range for calcium hardness, while 300 ppm is ideal for the average pool.


Stabilizer helps retain your chlorine longer just as insulation helps retain heat or air conditioning. Stabilizer can be added to some chlorine compounds to protect them from the breakdown effects of sunlight. When your stabilizer level is low, you'll use a lot more chlorine. When it's high, you may need to dilute your pool water to bring it back into the 40 to 100 ppm ideal range.

What Does Stabilizer Do?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

All water contains dissolved minerals. As pool water evaporates, minerals remain behind and become concentrated. The more concentrated these minerals become, the harder it is for chemical additives to work and stains can form. If you have 3000 ppm or more of total dissolved solids or TDS, you may need to drain some water and add fresh water.

For more information on testing pool water or pool water maintenance, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough or Framingham.

Caring for Your Lawn in the Summer Heat

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 19, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAIs Your Lawn Hot, Hot, Hot? After a cool-wet spring it seems the summer heat has arrived. What affect might this have on your lawn? Let’s explore.

Heat and drought stress that comes on quickly can be quite shocking to your lawn. Even though there seems to be a lot of moisture in the ground after a week of no rain and temperatures above 85 degrees, your lawn can start to show signs of stress. Does your lawn need a drink? Lawns need about one inch of water weekly to thrive; during periods of drought the lawn requires more water. It is best to irrigate in the early morning to avoid too much water evaporating. Watering infrequently 2-3 times a week usually will be sufficient. Nothing is worse for a drought stressed lawn than to water it for 10 minutes a day! Do not wait until your lawn starts to show signs of heat and drought stress to cure the problem. You cannot do anything about excessive heat stress on your lawn except to irrigate properly.

Be sure you do not have a build-up of thatch on your lawn. Some thatch is okay but a thatch layer of no more than ½ inch is best. Proper lawn care techniques and feeding and occasional de-thatching with a rake or machine helps to reduce thatch. Thatch tends to thrive when your lawn is over-fertilized. Using organic lawn products can be helpful to reduce thatch possibilities. Organics promote soil microbial activity and can help to create a balance in the soil which is not favorable for thatch growth.

If you have not raised your mowing height, do so now. This will help relieve heat and drought stress on the lawn. Be sure to mow off no more than 1/3 of the grass blades at a time. A mowing height of 3 to 4 inches is best during summer months. This helps retain water in the grass blades giving it as better chance of survival and can help to reduce watering costs. If you have a mulching mower use it and leave the clippings on the lawn. This also will help to recycle nutrients back into the lawn and keep them out of the landfill.

When your lawn starts to show signs of browning or perhaps death, what may be causing it?

It could be heat and/or drought stress or it could be insect damage. Insects tend to prey on weak grass plants and tend to avoid healthy growing lawns. Since we had mild winter weather bug populations could be far greater this year. Chinch bugs tend to be active during summer months; they suck juices out of grass plants. Grubs may also be causing the damage by chowing down on grass roots. If you have grubs or chinch bugs, apply Grub and Insect Control. For chinch bugs, we have an organic alternative: Organic Insect Control. Brown spots on your lawn could be heat and drought stress and you do not want to use any insect controls if you do not have insects, save the money and save the environment.

Lawn diseases also are more prevalent during summer months. High temperatures and some moisture favor disease development. Lawn Fungus Control can be used to both prevent and cure lawn diseases. Be sure you have a lawn disease before you try to control it with a fungicide.

The best way to avoid summer lawn damage is to follow a sound lawn care program. This goes all the way back to what you do to your lawn from early fall through your spring applications. Did you seed your lawn last fall with new, improved varieties of grass that are more heat, drought tolerant and insect resistant such as Jonathan Green Grass Seeds? Was your lawn fed properly to create healthy growing conditions? Did you water and mow properly this spring?

For more information on summer lawn care, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

Broil King Gas Grill Reviews: One of the Best Gas Grills

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 12, 2017

Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MAPROS / The Broil King Baron is an affordable grill with cast-iron grates that grill thoroughly and evenly.

CONS / The primary grilling area has less space than most grills provide. It only fits about 15 burgers (which is really more than enough).

VERDICT / The Broil King Baron is solidly constructed, with a versatile grilling space and stellar performance.

The Broil King Baron 440 is easily one of the best gas grills we tested in terms of overall grilling experience. It's not the most spacious or fastest-heating grill in our reviews, but it performs well in the area that matters most: grilling your meat.

This is an affordable propane grill with four main burners and a convenient side burner for cooking vegetables and other side dishes. It has a sturdy construction with cast-iron grates. While it isn't packed with extras, it comes with all of the essentials and then some. As one of the best grills in our lineup, the Broil King Baron is very deserving of the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.


This is far from the fastest-heating grill in our lineup. It took almost 11.5 minutes to heat to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in our test. But when it came time to grill meat, it quickly became apparent this was one of the best outdoor grills we'd seen. It cooks meat evenly and thoroughly. You can place the meat anywhere on the grill and get similar results. The cast-iron grates lock in the heat and create nice sear patterns on the meat.

We found that, at high temperatures, meat has an above-average tendency to stick to this grill. But you can largely overcome this problem by simply lowering the temperature. The cast-iron grates cleaned up nicely after we finished grilling. Although the grill takes longer to heat than most, it cooked our meat quickly because of the grates' high capacity for retaining heat.

Btu measures power as it relates to the generation of heat. You want a barbecue grill with a Btu that isn't too high or too low for its grilling area and number of burners. This grill generates 50,000 Btu across four main burners, which is neither too high nor too low for that many burners. The side burner generates 10,000 Btu, which is just right for side dishes.

Grilling Areas & Dimensions

The primary grilling space on this grill is below average. We could fit only 15 hamburger patties on its surface. For most occasions, that is more than enough space, but it's something to consider if you are accustomed to feeding large groups of people. Its cooking space is expanded with the side burner, which allows you to cook side dishes of all kinds at the same time your meat cooks.

On the plus side, this grill is quite compact, so you can store it away in tight areas. The end table on the right folds down to economize space even more. Like other Broil King grills, this one looks bigger than it is. Its height of 45.5 inches is no taller than average, yet it seems taller because the handle is positioned higher than on most grills. The Baron is one of the heavier grills in our lineup at 154 pounds, which attests to its sturdiness, but it handles nicely and is easy to maneuver around the yard, despite its heft.

Grill Construction

The Broil King Baron is made of sturdy, durable materials. The grates are cast iron, and the dual-tube burners are stainless steel. The burners are designed so that the flame is continuous from the front to the back of the burner, which largely accounts for its even heat distribution. It operates on Broil King's patented cooking system that is designed to vaporize drippings and infuse the liquid back into the meat as vapor, which enhances the flavor. We can't necessarily confirm that the meat is better as a result of this system, but we can say it was tasty and well cooked.

Warranty & Support

Broil King offers a 10-year warranty on the stainless steel burners and a two-year warranty on the other parts. Burners are the most important component of any gas grill, and it is important to have a long warranty to ensure that you can use your grill for as long as possible.


The Broil King Baron 440 is one of our top-rated gas grills. In our testing, it was slower to heat than some of the other grills in our lineup, but it grilled evenly and thoroughly with cast-iron grates that locked in the heat. The cooking space is smaller than those of most other grills, but the oven is designed for height so that you can easily roast meat on a rotisserie as you grill meat down below. This affordable, well-constructed grill provided one of our best overall grilling experiences.

Do you have questions about the best gas grill for you? Contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham, MA.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Finish

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAPaints come in a variety of finishes: flat, eggshell, semigloss, satin and high gloss. Learn tips on how to choose the best finish for your painting project. Come to Monnick Supply during Paint Promotion Week, June 18-24 all day, every day. Here you can get advice on colors, finishes, and paint brands.

Higher-quality paints contain an antispattering agent that produces fewer spatters than cheaper paints. Flat paint is more forgiving and hides flaws well, but it doesn't stand up to scrubbing. Eggshell paint dries to a soft finish that withstands washing better than flat paint. Semigloss, or satin, paint is very washable and slightly more reflective than eggshell. High-gloss paint dries to a shine and is easy to wash and maintain, but it reveals surface imperfections and painting errors.

A paint labeled "washable" is not the same as one said to be "scrubbable." The former can be cleaned with a damp sponge but does not hold up to scrubbing. Prepping walls and choosing the right finish will help to make your painting project a success and to give it a professional appearance.

For more information, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

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Battery Operated Gardening Power Tools You Should Know About

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MACordless with lithium ion batteries, garden tools have never been easier and quieter to use.

With days getting longer and temperatures rising, plant growth is responding. If you can’t keep up with your hedges and edges, maybe now is the time to re-evaluate your tool kit.

Cordless tools have been colonizing garden sheds for years. The invasion continues, quietly and stealthily, in line with technological innovation and the growing confidence among consumers in using these versatile and convenient battery-powered tools.

While many gardeners prefer good old elbow grease and traditional man-powered trimmers, clippers and shears, others who may have larger yards or simply struggle to use the heavy gas powered equipment have turned to the new breed of lithium ion cordless alternatives. A vast improvement on earlier versions, the latest generation of lithium ion power tools have many benefits:

  • The price of battery technology has come down.
  • Tools are quieter (ideal for Sunday morning attacks on the shrubbery), lighter and longer running than ever before.
  • The latest releases have better power.
  • Cordless tools are free from emissions and vibration is reduced.
  • Pretty much every garden chore can be tackled by battery, from mowing the lawn and chopping down trees to trimming edges.

Multi-task tools

Savvy shoppers should take note of the move towards multi-tools; the idea is that you buy a battery or two and a charger that fit a wide range of tools from the same manufacturer. This means you can buy the tools you want and have one charger and a couple of batteries to run everything.

Two batteries allow you to work with a charged tool and have a battery on charge while you work. Several brands offer an inventory that encompasses DIY tools as well as hedge trimmers, mowers, chainsaws and grass trimmers.

The Stihl cordless garden range is expanding all the time. Many of its tools feature the new EC brushless motor that is virtually maintenance-free, very durable and more efficient, offering even longer running time from the batteries. More importantly, Stihl batteries remain the same shape physically so that any Stihl battery will run any of its modular range now and in the future (apart from the mini HSA 25 shrub shears).

Battery facts

  • Lithium ion technology offers faster charging time and there’s little discharge of batteries if a tool is left for a while.
  • Battery life is longer and the cost of a recharge is minimal (around 1p for a 36-volt battery recharge).
  • You don’t need to fully charge the battery (unlike the old NiCad batteries) to prolong life.

For more information on STIHL battery powered lawn and garden tools, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

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June Lawn Care - Feed Your Lawn and Feed Your Soil - Marlborough and Framingham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Monnick Supply, Framingham, Marlborough, MAThe Watch Word for good lawn care is: FEED YOUR LAWN AND FEED YOUR SOIL!

Our spring is breaking slowly, but fairly normal this year. There are still things you can do to improve your lawn. Especially if irrigation is available. Jonathan Green features a number of superior grass seed mixes. BLACK BEAUTY, BLACK BEAUTY ULTRA, FULL SUN, SUN & SHADE, and DENSE SHADE to name a few. And of course you’ve still got to deal with crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface insects, and grubs!

If you feel that an early application of crabgrass control might not carry you through the hot summer months, you may want to put down an application of CRABGRASS & WEED CONTROL with Dimension, to get complete control throughout summer. It contains no fertilizer.

If you’ve already put down an application of Weed & Feed, and still have a broadleaf weed problem, LAWN WEED CONTROL with Trimec, is very effective, and contains no fertilizer. It has great control on a wide variety of broadleaf weeds.

There are a number of superior Jonathan Green fertilizers. A favorite that will provide you with an additional measure of success is our New BLACK BEAUTY ORGANIC LAWN FERTILIZER. An 8-0-3 fertilizer that combines controlled release Nitrogen, with 2% iron, which will give that initial blush of green. Additionally, it features Hydretain, which acts as “Water Magnets” that absorbs and retains 25% more moisture. Of course, if June stays relatively mild in temperature, a great fertilizer is our GREEN UP. A 29-0-3 fertilizer, with organic humates, and slow release.

Don’t forget grub and insect control! Mid June is a great time to apply preventative grub control. Our New GRUB and INSECT CONTROL, with Imidacloprid (Merit), will do a fine job of preventing grub damage BEFORE it starts, and surface insect control for those other pests we want to eliminate. Make sure you water in heavy, after application.

TICKS! This has become a serious problem, drawing more and more attention. Use a combination product like SUMMER SURVIVAL with Bifenthrin or our New ORGANIC INSECT CONTROL.

Summer is the time to try some Organics! Remember, Feed Your Lawn AND Your Soil! You have choices: NEW on the market is LOVE YOUR LAWN, LOVE YOUR SOIL. This is a super charged organic fertilizer that contains L-amino acids, iron, sulfur, calcium, and Gypsum, for relief from soil compaction. Also, NATURAL BEAUTY 10-0-1, Super rich in HUMATES. It will give a quick, and slow release greening, AND will aid in the release of natural nutrients in your soil. Remember, all of these organic products will give your lawn a gentle feeding through the hot summer months.

For more information on taking care of your lawn, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

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