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Springtime Home Repairs And Renovations Checklist

1 March 2021

Monnick Supply - Springtime home repairs

You’ve made it through winter and now’s the time to do some heavy lifting around your house and time to take care of some essential home repairs and renovations.

Springtime repairs and renovations are great for improving the overall look and functionality of your home. But some critical maintenance can also help erase yearly wear-and-tear and prevent serious, weather-related damage. From interior and exterior upkeep and repair basics, to roofing renovations and storm drainage overhauls, we’ve put together a checklist of important action items that can help you prepare your home for the impending warmer-weather months.

Outside Action Items: Water Woes And Roofing Red Flags

    Keep It Out of the Gutter — A clogged gutter or downspout can be one of your home’s greatest and costliest foes. An overflow of rainwater can cause mold, rotten wood, bugs, chipped paint, slippery sidewalks, cracked foundations, landscape damage and more. With spring showers arriving, not to mention seasonal hail and thunderstorms, it’s important to inspect drains and downspouts to make sure they are clear of leaves and debris, intact, and ready for rain.

    Move Up the Ladder — If you plan to tackle the gutters yourself, use a sturdy four-legged ladder and review important ladder-safety protocol. In addition, gloves and goggles can go a long way in protecting your hands and eyes. For fast and efficient cleaning, try using a garden hose, nozzle spray or gutter scoop.

    Do As the French Do — If your drains and sprinkler systems are intact, but you still have a huge water puddle problem, it might be time to check the elevation or slope of your yard. Before you plant spring foliage and flowers, take time for some “yard-scaping” to alleviate any water-runoff issues. Consider installing a French drain to help redirect the flow of water.

    Making springtime repairs and renovations inside your home is every bit as important as tackling outdoor challenges. Some fixes can have a major impact by reducing energy costs and preventing the need for future repairs or complete replacements. We recommend starting at the top — in the attic.

    Evict Unwanted Pests — Make sure your attic space is free and clear of pesky vermin, like squirrels, raccoons, and other unwanted furry friends, before tackling any big projects. Pests in your attic and walls are often the result of roof or siding damage. And once they’ve nestled into your space, these critters can make a tasty meal out of your electrical wires and cables, all while leaving unsanitary droppings in their wake.

    Pamper Your Water Heater — If your water heater is located in the attic, the EPA suggests wrapping an insulating blanket around the unit to reduce heat loss by 25-to-40 percent. These specialized materials can be found at most hardware stores.

    Filter Out the Nonsense — HVAC manufacturers typically recommend changing air filters once a month to preserve good air quality. In addition, it’s good practice to also visually inspect each of your HVAC units about every 30 days.

    Go Pink! — One of the most important renovations you can tackle is pink and fuzzy — insulation! In truth, there are many grades and varieties of insulation that are not all pink. And while some products are suitable for the DIY weekend warrior, some products, like high-grade blown-in insulation, are best left to the professionals. Do your research and be diligent about taking appropriate safety precautions.

    Light A Candle — Sealing windows is another great energy saver. One DIY trick to check for air leaking through windows is to light a candle and slowly move it around each window. Wherever you see a flicker, you probably need to apply caulking.

    Peel and Stick — Weather-stripping your exterior doors can not only help keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, but it can also save you potentially 10-to-15 percent on your utility bill. Weather-stripped doors also help keep out moisture and bugs. Win-win … and win!

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