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Winter Home Improvement Projects

19 January 2024

Monnick Supply - Kitchen Painting Home Improvement

1. Regrout Your Bathroom

If you’ve been ignoring your bathroom, you can make it up to your bathroom and give it the visual refresh that it needs by regrouting your bathroom tiles. The warmer temperatures and increased humidity of the other seasons could take a toll on your bathroom’s squeaky clean image due to increased hard water stains and mildew, but winter is the perfect time to restore your bathroom tile to squeaky clean. The benefits of performing this task during this time of year are several.

For starters, many tutorials suggest beginning the do-it-yourself process of regrouting your bathroom tile begin by applying bleach to the stained tile. Take advantage of the winter’s cooler temps and use it to your advantage to fumigate the potent and potentially harmful odor of the bleach by cracking those bathroom windows wide open and letting that odor-eliminating cool air work its magic. And after the regrouting process has been completed, you can keep those bathroom windows ajar to help speed up the grout drying process.

2. Clean Your Furnace and Replace the Filter

It is recommended that your home’s furnace undergo a cleaning at least once a year, ideally during the fall season. If time got the best of you this year and you were unable to complete this important task during this suggested time of the year, there’s still time to get this task out of the way so that you can your furnace’s warming benefits without worry and busy yourself with the chore of making memories cozied up with family and friends during this winter season.

You can complete this home-improvement task in just two to three hours. But take your time as you remove any accumulated dirt or dust from the inside of your furnace to make sure you don’t dislodge or break any parts.

Keeping your furnace clean will not only prevent the unwanted distribution of cold- and virus-friendly germs this winter season when the potential to catch a cold or other bug is higher, but it will help your furnace to run more cleanly and efficiently and ultimately translate into savings on your energy bill.

3. Paint a Room or Two

One of our favorite ways to transform any room from blah to beautiful in virtually no time is a paint job. A simple paint refresh or color upgrade to your shade of choice (you can keep it classy or dare to go there and get creative with some of the boldest and brightest colors of the season) work wonders to improve the look and feel of your space.

If you have a spouse, roommates or children, invite them to submit a color for consideration, then take a vote and possibly reward the person who submits the winning recommendation with a special treat. The winter season means more time spent indoors, but you can create a fun day for family and friends to enjoy by planning a paint party. Their reward for a few hours of work will be a fun feast of pizza or some other culinary treat.

Get rid of any harsh paint odors by opening up the windows for ventilation. In the process of cracking open those windows to let the crisp winter air in, you could find yourself suddenly inspired to pop into the kitchen and craft some winter cocktails or coffee-inspired drinks to keep you warm while your paint dries.

4. Upgrade Your Living Room Lighting

Upgrading your living room lighting this winter can be the perfect invitation for family and even your closest friends to gather and get to the business of making merriment in the comfort of your home. Soft white lighting and warm lighting tend to work best in living room spaces and can work wonders to transform this gathering space into one that is inviting and welcoming. You get to decide how much or how little you want to do, and ultimately how big or how small of a project you want to make of this endeavor.

To begin, you may consider taking stock of the lightbulbs you move most and upgrading them to achieve the warm mood lighting that you desire. A cool lighting upgrade to consider if you haven’t done so already that can make a huge impression is installing a lighting control app and installing dimmers so that you can effortlessly adjust the room’s lighting and brighten or darken the space in a mere moment with just a touch.

When it comes to improving the lighting in a high-traffic space such as this, an easy way to create an updated and upgraded look is to make a grand statement in one focal area of your living room. Perhaps that poorly lit corner of the room gets some well-deserved TLC with a bold and beautiful lighting fixture that you’ve handpicked just because you love it.

The business of home improvement is a year-round job, but the winter season can be the perfect time of year to scratch some of our suggested home winter projects off of your to-do list. The key to making it through the winter season and any slated home improvement projects without any mishaps or major hiccups is to plan ahead and create a schedule for larger and more complex or detailed projects.

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