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Power Tools for Every DIY

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 23, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAIf you are a DIY kind of person, then the end of winter is probably one of your most favorite times of year. There are plenty of outdoor projects to do in the spring, and there are plenty of indoor projects you can utilize the garage or shed for. If the coming spring has you wanting to purchase some new power tools, we have some ideas as to some power tools that every DIY should own.

Power Hand Plane

This tool is used for shaping wood, removing thin layers of wood, and moothing and straightening edges.

Small angle grinder

Use a small angle grinder for removing paint and rust. This tool can also for sharpening and cutting tiles.

Table saw

A table saw is good for any general repairs that you may need doing.

Orbital palm sander

Perfect for small jobs and can be used on furniture, ceilings, walls, floors and any kind of woodwork.

Reciprocating saw

This tool is generally used for remodeling and demolition work. The reciprocating saw is can cut through leather, green, rubber, metal, linoleum and plastic.

Compound miter saw

This saw is also known as a chop saw and is used to get precisely cut angles.

Circular saw

Great for cutting across and along the grain. They are usually used for cutting wood, but you an also get blades for cutting masonry, plastic and metal.

Cordless drill

You will use this all the time, it is a must have. A cordless drill is essential for any DIY project.

For all of your new power tool needs, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Good Plants to Start Indoors in February

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 16, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAStart warm weather plants in February.

Jump start the gardening season with a selection of plant seeds you start indoors in February. Seed packets provide information about planting times, sowing depth and the days to harvest. The information is a guideline for the home gardener who wants to save money on seedlings, wants particular varieties, or grow their own plants. As a general rule, start the seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the outdoor planting season begins. Start the seeds earlier to produce a more mature plant for transplanting.


Warm weather vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, need a long growing period. Start the seeds indoors in February and grow them for 6 to 8 weeks. Once the seedlings reach about 8 inches high, harden them off for a week or two before transplanting into the garden. Other vegetables to start in February include lettuce varieties, chard and eggplant. February is a good time to start cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage. Start summer squash when you start the pepper and tomato plants. Plant cucumber seeds during the last week in February.


Start watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew by planting seeds indoors, because of the long growing season required by melons. Pumpkins require a long growing season as well and should be started in February. Strawberry seeds need about 6 weeks of cold before planting in February. Once the seedlings have three leaves, the plants need hardening off and moved into their permanent growing site in the garden.


Start basil, oregano, parsley and dill indoors in February. Other herbs that do well when started indoors include mints, thyme and sage. The seedlings transplant well into containers that sit on the porch or patio. You can also transplant the herbs directly into the garden. Basil and parsley suffer in cold weather and do not survive temperatures below freezing. Many other herbs grow as perennials in cold and warm weather climates.


A packet of seeds costs considerably less than a flat of flowers at the greenhouse. Start heliotrope, violas and snapdragons indoors this month. Other flowers you may want to grow from seed right now include delphinium, candytuft and impatiens. The seedlings need gradual exposure to the outdoor temperatures for a week or two before planting directly into the flower beds.

For more information on starting seeds in February, contact Monnick Supply.

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February, The Perfect Time for Interior Painting with Benjamin Moore

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Aura Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore utilizes our own Proprietary Color Lock technology for richer colors that stay true over time. Aura Interior provides outstanding durability, stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off and offers extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats – saving you time and money. Formulated as a paint and primer together, Aura Interior resists mildew and has zero VOC* and low odor.

If a paint can do all that, is it still paint?

Learn more about the Benjamin Moore difference, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Monnick Supply Celebrates 70 Years as Your Family Owned Hardware Store

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAThis year Monnick Supply, your neighborhood hardware store in Marlborough and Framingham, celebrates our 70th Anniversary! All year long we’ll be offering fun events and fantastic so we can celebrate and show our appreciation to the communities we have enjoyed serving for 70 years.

Monnick supply Co. began in 1948 in Framingham Massachusetts. Brothers Nicholas and James Montalbano and their three cousins, Theodore, Gregory Sr., and John Montalbano wanted to supplement their income. They decided to open a small paint supply store. They shared in the duties of working in the store while holding down full-time jobs.

After graduating from Northeastern University in 1955, Gregory Jr. took over the management of Monnick Supply. He started adding new departments like housewares and also started the transition into a full service Hardware store.

After Greg's brother Andy got out of the army in 1968 he joined Monnick Supply and helped grow the business. Gregory purchased the business from the primary founder Nicholas in 1970.

In the 1980's all of Greg and Mary's four children, Debbie, Michael, Paul, and Gary worked in the store. They expanded and opened a new store in 1993 on Rte 85 in Marlborough. That store quickly outgrew the location and in 1998 we the Marlborough store into Post Road Plaza on Rte 20. This is also when Marlborough Grand Rental Station and Monnick Industrial Supply Co. began.

In October 2013, we moved the Marlborough store to its current location at 135 Maple St, back on Rt 85 just south of downtown Marlborough.

Today, Monnick Supply consists of two retail hardware stores, a full-service rental center, and an industrial/commercial supply company. All total, Monnick supply employees over 50 of our friends and neighbors. The third generation family-owned store thanks you for your patronage and understands that it takes the community to be successful.

Celebrate 70 years with us. We’re here for all your home project needs and to answer all of you DIY questions.

Dont Store Gas for Too Long Before You Use It

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MA You should not store gas for more than a few weeks before using it in outdoor power equipment and snow blowers if they want to reduce the damage ethanol gas can do on a small engine. We recommend using it within 20 days. However, gas stabilizers and additives to treat ethanol can help prolong the life of small engines.

Ethanol has become a challenge to the owners of lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, outboard motors and other small engines. After more than a few weeks Ethanol begins to turn into something similar to pudding, a gummy, gelatinous substance that fouls carburetors and shortens engine life.

Virtually all gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol, a limit that the EPA recently raised to 15% if the fuel is burned in modern vehicles. Because E15 gasoline damages or destroys small engines, its use in them is banned. It’s virtually impossible to buy bulk gasoline without ethanol, so at Monnick Supply, we recommend adding gas stabilizers and ethanol treatment additives to the gas.

We also suggest storing any gasoline slated for small-engine use for no more than a few weeks. The unused fuel should then be dumped into the tank of a vehicle, where it will be diluted and burned in a bigger engine.

For information or for fuel stabilizers, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Get Ready for Snow and Cold This Week

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 04, 2018

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAIt's hard to believe it's only the beginning of January and recent temperatures have been some of the lowest in recorded history. If the cold hasn't been bone chilling enough, we are now expecting a heavy impact snowstorm starting on Thursday morning. Your shovels might still be out from our white Christmas but there are a few other things you should do to prepare for the snow tomorrow.

For your home:

  • As the temperature drops outside, make sure to set your thermostat inside to a warm temperature to avoid freezing pipes. If you're leaving town for the weekend, set it to no lower than 65 degrees.
  • Make sure you have flashlights, nonperishable food items and water in case you lose power or the storm keeps you house-bound for more than a day.
  • Stay indoors during the storm and avoid overexertion when shoveling or snow blowing.

On the Road:

  • Avoid driving during the storm if possible.
  • If you must drive, be sure to stock your car's winter roadside emergency kit with all the essentials including snacks, blankets, windshield de-icer, spare phone charger and flare lights.
  • Check your oil and antifreeze levels.

After the Storm

  • After a heavy snow fall you might notice large piles of snow on the roof of your home. Be wary of ice dams and read how to safely remove snow from your roof.

Monnick Supply, your neighborhood, family-owned hardware store, is here to help during the storm. For more information or for help getting ready for winter, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Stay safe and warm this week!

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Happy New Year from Monnick Supply

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough and FraminghamHappy New Year from Monnick Supply. We would like to thank our customers, friends, family, and community for allowing our business to be part of your lives in 2017. We wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

If we have had the pleasure of being your choice in hardware store this year, we hope that we provided the highest level of customer service and met all of your needs. In the coming months if you find yourself in need of the services we offer, we hope you come see us again in 2018.

It is our sincere wish that in the New Year you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship and that 2018 brings you good health and prosperity. From all of us here at Monnick Supply we hope you have a safe and exciting New Year.

We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday – the longer, the better…” ~ Charles Dickens

Give A Free Holiday Gift in 30-Seconds or Less

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 21, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MA If a friend, relative, or valued service provider has a website, give them the gift of a business Facebook “like” this Holiday season. This act is free and will literally take you 30 seconds or less. By doing so, you help your friend or relative further establish business credibility and trust from an online standpoint.

Why do this? The reason is simple. Facebook “likes” is something that business owners can refer to promote their business popularity and interaction with their clients. It is also a widely accepted conclusion that Facebook “likes” play some role in how a website converts visitors into customers.

So if you know anyone with a website and wish them well in business, take 30-seconds and “like” their business Facebook page. Look for the Facebook logo usually located at the top or bottom of the website’s home page. Then shoot them a quick note saying, “Happy Holidays. I recently “liked” your business Facebook page and wish you continued business success in 2018 and beyond”. It would be a kind gesture and one that cost you nothing other than 30 seconds of your time.

To all our regular readers of this blog, we wish you all Happy Holidays and only the best for 2018 and beyond.

Gas vs. Electric Snow Blowers

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough, Framingham, MAFinding the right snow blower isn't completely straightforward. Gas snow blowers vary in size and functionality, and you’ll want to find the best one to help you clear snow for the specific job. Electric Snow Blowers are best for light weather conditions, clearing flat or paved areas near an outlet. Gas-powered snow blowers tend to work better if you need to handle heavy snowfall, rough terrain or large areas.

Gas snow throwers require more maintenance but they're tougher than electric models and come in a variety of sizes. The larger the snow blower, the more power it produces. Electric snow blowers are more far more compact, weighing just over 30 pounds on average, in contrast to gas snow blowers whose weight averages well over 100 pounds.

The most powerful gas snow blowers can plow through a couple feet of snow with a throwing distance of 40 feet or more. The best electric snow blowers, in contrast, clear optimal snow depths of 10 inches and throw snow up to a maximum distance of 30 feet. While electric snow blowers don’t have the same power, for certain areas they are more than sufficient and can be the preferable choice for some people.

Electric snow blowers are easy to start and operate and are safe for the environment. The electric snow blowers that plug into a wall, however, are limited in their mobility when compared with their gas counterparts. All electric snow blowers are single-stage so they won’t plow through huge piles of snow, but they are well-suited for flat areas with moderate snowfall and specialized areas like decks and patios.

To combat monster blizzards, you need an equally fierce snow blower to clear driveways and common walkways. If winter brings at least a foot of snow to your doorstep, a tough two-stage snow blower is a valuable tool to have. A gas snow blower can help you make quick work of a huge driveway.

Electric snow blowers tend to be the best tools for clearing snow off decks and patios. There are often the best snow blowers for these areas that are more susceptible to being damaged. The auger and paddle in electric snow blowers are made of materials that are gentler to specialized areas like decks and patios and aren’t as likely to scuff or damage these surfaces. They have enough size and power to clear up to about a foot of snow. Another plus for electric snow blowers is these areas are closer to wall outlets than most outside space, so if you are relying on cord power there won’t be a problem with running out of cord.

The Ariens Compact 920021 is a gas blower with bulk. The Ariens snow blower has features like 15-inch tires, electric start and 2-foot clearing width. The Ariens packs a punch and will clear as much as 2 feet of snow over all types of terrain. Yet when it comes time to store it away, it fits into relatively compact space with handles that fold in and a lower-than-average weight for a big machine.

This Ariens snow blower has a clearing width of 24 inches, meaning it can clear a path 2 feet wide, which is great coverage, especially for a relatively compact snow blower. This will make less work for you and will let you quickly clear snow from your driveway and sidewalk. This snow blower holds half a gallon of gasoline and distributes 208 cubic centimeters through the engine. In addition, the engine produces 9.5 foot-pounds of torque, giving it enough power to throw a lot of snow at once.

For more information on Ariens snow blowers, contact Monnick Supply in Marlborough and Framingham.

Easy Winter Home Improvement Projects and Upgrades

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 07, 2017

Monnick Supply, Marlborough and FraminghamIf you’re like most people, you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately. Unfortunately, there are several more months of winter to get through before we start seeing signs of spring.

Break the monotony by working on your house. After all, you’re stuck inside anyway, and you’re probably searching for something to do. Plus, some home improvement projects will increase your property value, save money on your utility bills, and potentially prevent larger, more expensive issues from developing.

Here are some easy winter projects you might want to tackle before spring hits.

1. Repaint

You’ve been staring at your neutral colored walls every day for months. Want to brighten your mood? Try repainting! Go with a bright, cheery color to liven things up.

A new coat of paint can dramatically lift your mood and the mood of the entire room.

2. Work on Your Floors

Is your carpet threadbare? Are your hardwood floors freezing your feet?

Putting in carpet is a great winter project because it can increase the comfort of your home dramatically.

If you don’t like carpeting, there are plenty of other home flooring ideas such as tile and laminate that you could also consider.

3. Declutter

When Spring gets here, you’re not going to want to spend your time sifting through those piles of junk in your basement. You’ll want to be outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Winter is a great time to work on getting organized (which is why January is “Get Organized Month”). So, devote time every week to decluttering in general and organizing what you decide to keep.

4. Look at Your Bathroom

Does your grout have unsightly mildew? Is your sink outdated? Are you over the pale green paint you put on the walls three years ago?

Bathrooms make great winter projects because once they’re done you can appreciate your handiwork every single day. And, there are plenty of ways to frugally remodel your bathroom.

Updates like replacing a faucet, re-grouting tile, or repainting are relatively easy for the do-it-yourselfer.

5. Add Insulation

Adding insulation doesn’t exactly make your heart pound with excitement. But it will lower your utility bills, and help make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Crawl up into your attic. If you can see the floor joists, then you need more insulation. Since heat rises, you could save quite a bit by adding another layer of insulation up there.

You can also add insulation in your basement and in crawlspaces to prevent heat loss there as well.

Final Word

It’s easy to get cabin fever this time of year. We’re all going through it. But working on home projects is a great way to keep yourself active, add value to your home, and beautify or improve your living space. It’s a win-win!

For help on your home projects, contact Monnick Supply in Framingham and Marlborough.


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